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Facebook stops fighting with California Privacy Act

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When Facebook co-owner Mark Zuckerberg just faced a grilling by the Senate over a lack of data and privacy  protection, it looks bad if a company continues to fight against new privacy laws.Its was a little surprise that Facebook has decided to no longer fight to block the proposed California Consumer Privacy Act.

The Act being proposed would empower anyone in the state to tell businesses not to share or sell their personal data, give by them its has right to know what personal information is collected from them, and offers protections for consumers “who are victims of negligent business practices resulting in security breaches of data.” it don’t help a company like Facebook, which profits from having a lot of freedom to collect and use user data.

Engadget reports, Facebook had already donated $200,000 to try help and defeat the act. It won’t be contributing anymore money, but AT&T, Comcast,Microsoft and Google are some of the bigger companies who continue to fight against it. The worry for these companies was limit on data access and flow of  their business model and therefore potential profit. And if anyone state enacts new data privacy rules, others will surely follow them.

The Privacy Act is on the ballot in November. Facebook may have removed itself from the fight, but if revelations about abuse of data on the social network continue to appear, it could influence citizens who will vote to protect themselves.


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