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Biggest flop from biggest company like Google, Microsoft and Apple

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Biggest flop from biggest company like Google, Microsoft and Apple

hi friends today we are going to discuss about the failure of the biggest company. “failure does’t mean you will never archive, it just means it takes little longer” _ Steve Jobs. Here are the some company to take failure to take of.


Here some of the apple product which had failed to success.

Apple Puck Mouse

Apple’s USB mouse was sold along the original Mac in 1998. It was too small in size and was puck shaped( just like hockey puck ball)  which made it. It was More  difficult for users to work with it. Apple received a lot of flak for this product and it was soon discontinued.

Apple Newton (PDA)

Again, a product that was considered way ahead of its time. The Apple Newton was the first tablet Apple made as it was one of the first PDA’s available. Launched in 1992, the device didn’t do well commercially at all. Five years later it was clear that Palm had become a dominant player and Newton was fading. One of the first thing Steve Jobs did after coming back to Apple was to kill Newton.

Apple Bandai Pippin (Gaming console)

the biggest failure for aplle all time. Tell anyone that Apple made a gaming console and you will get a bewildered look in response. But yes, back in 1996 Apple did make a gaming console called Apple Bandai Pippin. It was  the Cupertino-based company tied up with Japanese video game company by the same name. Apple Bandai Pippin  was discontinued a year after its launch. Interestingly, this product was launched 10 months before Steve Jobs made his comeback at Apple.

Apple iPhone 5C (Smartphone)

There are certain companies that can’t do things ‘cheap’. Apple certainly falls into that category as it was proven by the iPhone 5C. Priced at $99 it was supposed to be cheap – and it was cheap when compared to other Apple phones – and it was made of plastic. The colors didn’t work for good look and the product wasn’t ‘enough Apple’ and registered disappointing sales numbers after it was launched in 2013.


Bill Gates the owner of Microsoft also had failed to launch the product here are the some product let’s see

Microsoft Windows ME

The ME here stood for the Millennium Edition as it was launched in 2000. It is considered as the worst OS Microsoft has ever come out with.Removing viruses from the system also required a considerable amount of effort. It was difficult to install to begin with then suffered from more installation issues when it came to programmers. . Considering how bad Windows 8 were, you can imagine how bad ME was if it’s called the worst from the Windows stable.

Microsoft SPOT

Smart was the good option for Microsoft. It was attempt to enable Internet-connected devices to one single gadget. Launched in 2004, it was like a smart watch which was made by brands like Swatch, Fossil and could tell you about the weather outside or stock quotes. But failed to take success due to monthly service charged(60 $ per month) by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows Vista (Operating system)

After the biggest success of Windows XP Microsoft was released the new version of the Windows vista. The Vista was nothing like the XP and was terribly slow, took up a lot of memory space and Microsoft didn’t allow people to purchase XP anymore. Launched in 2006, it had all the ingredients for a disaster and was proven to be one as it had a short shelf life.

Microsoft Windows 8 (Operating System)

Windows 8 was also the biggest failure and worse than Windows Vista which was considered a giant flop. Vista managed at least 4.5% of market share whereas Windows 8 launched in 2012 garnered just 2.6% share. Targeted towards the tablet devices, it failed to make a splash on both tablet and PCs.

Microsoft Zune (Music Player)

Microsoft tried to make the success with Zune music after the huge success of apple iPod music player .The cult of Apple was still in its infancy with the iPod so when Microsoft announced that it will take on it with Zune. Launched in 2006, it did sell initially – 1.2 million units in 2007 and 2 million in 2008 – but compared to the iPod it was a big dud. Compare this, according to Wall Street Journal, Zune had revenue of $85 million in 2008 holiday season.and the revenue of the apple was $3.37 billion.


Even google had tried to succeed in some product. here are the some

Google Glass (Wearable)

These awkward looking pair of glasses were launched by the tech giant in 2012. It was the great idea: a smart device a top pair of glasses, who wouldn’t like that? However, they were priced at $1500 and suffered from a lot of software issues. Google did try to make it work but didn’t receive enough support from the buyers.


At a time when Facebook was still not the know-it-all in the world of social media, Google made an attempt to take on it with Google Plus. Actually, Facebook was huge then – back in 2010 — as it had 500 million plus active users and a private valuation of $14 billion. Google + was launched in 2011 but failed to match users’ expectations which were high after Facebook. In trying to be like Facebook, Google+ was all over the place and although it still exists, it ranks as a big failure on Google’s otherwise mostly impressive CV.

Google Wave 

Much before the failed attempt at social networking with Google+, there was something called Google Wave. Launched in 2009, Google Wave was supposed to be a collaborative tool which was supposed to be an instant messenger, a micro-blogging platform and an e-mail service rolled into one. Nevertheless, it failed at being either one and in 2010 was taken off as it received less than lukewarm response from users.


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