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What does a refurbished phone mean?

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“Refurbish” means renovate and redecorate.

So when exactly do we need refurbishing activity?

When anything is faulty and completely not working.
When something is completely outdated and requires to be renewed.
Now I will shift my focus completely towards the consumer electronics industry to make you understand how the concept of refurbishment is applicable to the gadgets or electronics good we use in our day to day life.I assume you asked for the same.

If something is not working it doesn’t mean it cant be repaired, the fault can be easily restored by means of necessary tools and technology.

People have this perception “once faulty will always remain faulty” which is completely wrong. This fault may arise due to numerous factors such as:-

No proper attention at the time of mass production
Loose parts and connections.
Improper handling during transportation of goods from on place to another which leads to breakage of parts.
These are the most probable reasons due to which the functionality of a device gets affected.

Big deal for those who just paid their hard earned money for a faulty good, but these goods can be easily replaced by the company and customer usually gets replacement within a week with similar warranty.

Now what happens to the faulty one’s ?

These goods undergo various types of process so that specific fault can be detected and using suitable tools the fault is rectified properly with all caution. This prolongs the life of device , It is not guaranteed that it is completely immune to all the faults now but at least now its a brand new phone with all problems rectified and equivalent to a new phone produced out of a production plant. Even a new phone is prone to various kinds of faults depending on how user handles and take care of it.

Talking about refurbishment activity, these activities are not carried out at any local repair centers, it is either done by the professional repairers to whom the brand(company,OEM’s) sell these faulty goods OR in few cases by the brand(company,OEM’s) itself if they have such facilities available within the country (varies from brand to brand).

Don’t loose hope “warranty” will still be there depending on who carried out the refurbishment process. Either the brand or the professional repairers.

Here’s the best part!!

These goods are not allowed to be sold more than 75% of its actual MRP, that is a brand new phone with same package and warranty at cheaper price. Isn’t that awesome!!

But be cautious sometime people may trick you to buy a refurbished phone calling it to be a new one OR sometimes they don’t mention that the product is a refurbished one which is unethical. It is mandatory to label the good as “refurbished” if it undergoes such processes.

the above article credit from quora

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